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Why Business BTEC?

Students benefit from the option of Business BTEC, a course which allows all to work to the best of their ability. The BTEC approach of continuous assessment allows students to work steadily towards their final grade over two years and be confident of the final outcome without the added stress of a terminal examination. This approach to assessment also means that deep learning takes place and students' retention of knowledge often is significantly higher. Employers also appreciate the more practical approach of the BTEC.

Knowledge acquired in the study of Business has many practical purposes and can be applied in all areas of work from retail to accounting, teaching and sales.

BTEC Level 2

BTEC Level 2 in Business is a specialist, work-related qualification that allows students to explore various types of businesses operating in the United Kingdom, Europe and, by extension in international and multi-national corporations, the world.

This course provides an opportunity for students to be their own boss, to work for one of Fortune Magazine World’s 500 Companies or to travel the world as an international business advisor. For students who wish to work in a highly charged executive position or head a national or international company, the BTEC Level 2 Award in Business will provide the skills and knowledge to make this possible.

The BTEC Level 2 is equivalent to one GCSE and students will study 4 units over two years: 25% examination and 75% coursework

The units studied at Level 2 are:

  • Unit 1: Introducing Business
  • Unit 2: Finance for Business
  • Unit 3: Enterprise in the Business World
  • Unit 6: Recruitment and Selection in Business

Further information can be found on the Pearson website:

BTEC Level 3

The QCF BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Business is equivalent to 2 A Levels and students study 12 units over two years: 100% coursework

The units studied at Level 3 are:

  • Unit 1: The Business Environment
  • Unit 2: Business Resources
  • Unit 3: Introduction to Marketing
  • Unit 4: Business Communication
  • Unit 5: Business Accounting
  • Unit 9: Creative Product Promotion
  • Unit 13: Recruitment and Selection in Business
  • Unit 15: Development Planning for a Career in Business
  • Unit 18: Managing a Business Event
  • Unit 19: Developing Teams in Business
  • Unit 25: Supporting Business Activities
  • Unit 36: Starting a Small Business

The twelve units of this course are spread over two years which allows students time to complete their coursework to the highest standard. Business is offered in two option blocks which allows students to combine Business with other subjects such as Accounting, Economics and IT.

Further information can be found on the Pearson website: