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Is GCSE Dance right for me?

Dance GCSE is for all students who have a passion for Dance and are committed. You will take part in multiple performances, have opportunities to work with professional dancers, and watch a variety of works. The course enables you to work in a variety of dance styles. In offering students this rage of skills and learning experiences Dance is unique as a subject. You do not need a lot of Dance experience to succeed in the course, but you do need to be focused and dedicated.

“The body says what words cannot.” - Martha Graham

Overview of the course:

Component 1: Performance and Choreography

All elements in Component 1 are Controlled Assessment

Performance: 30%

Set dance phrases: Performance of the AQA set phrases through a solo performance (approx. 1 min.) focusing on physical and performance skills.

Group Dance: Duo/Trio performance showcasing the ability to perform in a group using dance relationships, expressive and physical skills.

Choreography: 30%

Solo choreography: Creating a dance in response to a stimulus set by AQA using motif development and a range of choreographic devices.

Component 2: Dance appreciation

1 hour 30 min paper: 40%

Written paper sat in the summer of year 11 assessing students appreciation of their own work, detailed analysis of 6 professional dance works (Dance Anthology) and the process of choreography and performance.

How to find out more

* Speak to the current year 10 GCSE Dance students

* Speak to Mrs D. Humphrey

* Research online: AQA Dance GCSE


The following subject specific vocabulary provides definitions of key terms used in our GCSE Dance specification (8236). Students should be familiar with and gain understanding of these terms.





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