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Graphic Design aims to engage both boys and girls in an innovative design challenge. Pupils are taught to embrace visual communication, recognising that design is a cultural force that spans consumers and cultures. The program provides a robust curriculum of conceptual problem solving, innovation, critical thinking and formal design, as well as branding, marketing and promotional strategies.

In Year 7, pupils are introduced to graphics technology and undertake a project to develop their understanding of the design process - designing, creating, finishing and presenting a product.

Moving into Year 8, pupils will build on skills previously learnt, reinforcing the basic tools and drawing techniques used within Graphic Design. They will also develop their knowledge and technical skills within typography, as well as using CAD/CAM to draw nets, design graphics and manufacture.


Pupils have Graphic Design as an option in Year 9, where they are able to complete a range of projects to develop both hand drawn and computer CAD/CAM skills and prepare them for studying at GCSE level should they choose to.

In Year 10, pupils work on three mini introductory projects focusing on a range of advertising and design areas within graphics. Projects cover skills such as drawing techniques and modelling, as well as an understanding of the industry and designers. Pupils then choose their own individual project to design and make which continues into Year 11.

AS/A Level

We currently do not offer Graphic Design at A Level.