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Covid-19 Virus Update

Dear Parents & Guardians

Late yesterday we received information that a member of our male boarding community, who left the school last Tuesday, 17th March, unfortunately tested positive for Covid-19 when he returned to his home country. We are currently awaiting full medical confirmation of this diagnosis. 

In the meantime, Public Health England (PHE) have advised us that, as a precautionary measure, other members of the boys' boarding house community should now self-isolate until FRIDAY 27th MARCH. This advice was provided following a full discussion with PHE and was based on a risk assessment completed by a member of their clinical team. The families of boy boarders have been informed - in this case self isolation does not apply to girl boarders.

They reassured us that it is NOT necessary for other members of the school community (including pupils, teachers, support staff) to self-isolate, UNLESS they develop symptoms. If they do, they should follow the DOH guidelines regarding self-isolation.

I would like to reassure you that no-one currently in South House is displaying any symptoms and that medical evidence to date states that in the majority of cases younger people experience a much milder strain of the illness however, I felt that you would want to know about this development.

We are currently still set up to provide cover for the children of key workers next week and as you will understand, South House will be closed to everyone, except those who are self isolating. Parents should be reassured that the boys' boarding accommodation is quite separate from the KS2 classrooms.

Please contact me if you have any concerns, or wish to clarify anything.
With kind regards,

Dorothy A Nancekievill