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FIZ Club

Farringtons Interactive Zone (FIZ) is an essential aspect of the Junior School, providing 'wrap around care' for pupils from Pre-Reception to Year 6

FIZ Breakfast Club  (7am – 8am) is open to all Junior, Senior and Sixth Form Farringtons students.

FIZ Afterschool Care  (3.20pm – 6.30pm)  is open to all  Farringtons Junior School pupils (from PR to Year 6) and from 5pm – 6.30pm for all YEAR 7 students.

FIZ Holiday Club is open to all Farringtons Junior School pupils (from PR to Year 7)

We are open Monday – Friday, 7.30am – 6pm (until 5pm on Friday) with an option of early start from 7am (Monday – Friday) and later finish at 6.30pm (Monday to Thursday)

FIZ Club provides a variety of scheduled activities including Animation, Arts and Crafts, Bob the Builder Workshop, Cool Study Skills, Crafts/Sewing and Knitting Club, Badminton, Bake Off, Book Club, Circus Skills Workshop, Chess, Cookery, Fencing, Football, Garden & Wildlife Workshop, Gymnastics, Healthy Lunch Box Club, Interactive Story Time, Irish Dancing, Lego Workshop, Life Skills, Mandarin, Russian, Spanish, Tae Kwon Do, Tae Kwon Do ‘Little Dragons’ especially for pupils in Pre-Reception and Reception, Tennis, Theatre and Dance Workshop, Things to Write About Workshop, Traditional Games Club and Homework Club.  

Most children who attend FIZ Club do so on a regular basis from one to five days a week, enabling us to plan activities in advance and ensure a continuity of progress within the clubs. However, we are also able to cater for emergency and ad hoc attendance.

Farringtons’ values, ethos and expectations are mirrored in FIZ Club and the objective is to provide an adaptable and flexible extended school service. It has been designed to help parents and guardians balance work and family commitments, while giving children a broad range of experiences, as well as supporting them with their school work.


£7.75 Breakfast Only
£11.50    Afterschool Care (3.20pm – 5pm) inc. any activities ending by 5pm and collection by 5pm
£16.75   Afterschool Care (3.30pm – 6.15pm) inc. any activities finishing after 5pm and collection before 6.15pm
£17.75   Breakfast and After School Care (3.30pm – 5pm) both on same day including any activities ending by 5pm and collection by 5pm
£23.00 Breakfast and After School Care (3.30pm – 6.15pm) both on same day 

including any activities finishing after 5pm and collection before 6.15pm


On the last day of each term FIZ will be open from 12noon – 5pm. From 12noon – 1pm attendances are Free of Charge. All attendance from 1pm must be pre-booked and are charged at £5.75 per hour. 

Please note that Farringtons reserves the right to review all FIZ breakfast and afterschool club fees annually

You need to book your child for Breakfast, Afterschool Care or chosen activities every term by the deadline indicated on the booking form.

Fees are paid per term, regardless of absences.


Pre-booked Ad Hoc attendances are charged at £11 (3.20pm – 5pm) or £16 (3.20pm – 6.30pm).

Ad hoc attendances without any prior notification are charged at £20 (4pm – 5pm) or £27 (4pm – 6.30pm), plus £10 for Breakfast if this facility is used on the same day. Therefore, to avoid higher charges we strongly recommend early booking.

Breakfast attendance without any prior notification/bookings is charged £10

If you are running late and unable to reach FIZ Club by 6.30pm, please call 020 3176 7498 and leave a voice message if no one is available.

Penalty for late collection after the official closing time (5pm or 6.30pm) but before 7pm is £30 .

Penalty for late collection after 7pm, including staying in the Boarding House, is an additional £50 flat fee until 8pm.

If pupils are taken to the Boarding House they need to be collected directly from the West House (through the big white door of West House, by the flagpole roundabout).

FIZ Club charges generated over each term will be added to your child’s end of term school billing.


£41.50  full day 7.30am – 6pm (on Fridays until 5pm);  charge includes breakfast and two snack plus some activities

£26  half day; any 5 consecutive hours in one day. Charge includes breakfast and a snack or two snacks plus some activities

£5.25 additional charge for extended morning hours from 7am Monday - Friday (must be booked when completing the holiday form)

£5.25 additional charge for extended evening hours until 6.30pm Monday – Thursday (must be booked when completing the holiday form)

Penalty for late collection after the official closing time £30

Any late collections after 7pm – an additional £50 (no Boarding facility available).

FIZ Club and FIZ Holiday Club are open to all Farringtons Junior School Pupils from Pre-reception to Year 7.

FIZ Club is fully booked – but if you wish to book Breakfast and Afterschool  Care on the Ad Hoc basis, please contact Mrs Wendy Cox at, or contact the Junior School Office on 0208 467 0395 before 3pm on the day of intended attendance. Thank you. 

The next FIZ holiday club will take place during May Half Term – Tuesday 28 May - Friday 31 May.

FIZ Club Programme and Booking Forms for Spring Term 2019 are already available on the website and in the paper copy in the Junior School Office foyer.

Please send a scanned copy of your bookings directly to Mrs Wendy Cox                                                       

Confirmation of your child’s bookings will be sent to your email after the closing date.

Please note, there is no automatic roll-over from one term to the next and pupils are required to be booked for Breakfast, Afterschool Care or activity clubs - every term. Thank you.