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Resistant Materials aims to engage both boys and girls in an innovative design challenge, allowing them to be both creative and independent. The aim is to provide each and every pupil with the opportunity to develop knowledge and understanding of a broad range of practical skills and techniques. These include designing both graphically on paper and also through computer aided design, as well as in relation to the characteristics of actual resistant materials i.e. metal, plastic and wood.

In Year 7, pupils focus on working with plastics to develop their use of both hand tools and machinery, and gain a basic introduction to 2D design tools and CAD/CAM.

This knowledge is then built upon in Year 8, concentrating on woods and further developing an understanding of the types of hand tools and machinery that can be used with this material. This also helps to raise pupils' awareness of the different manufacturing processes required for different materials.


Pupils have Resistant Materials as an option in Year 9 when they will complete a range of projects to develop both hand and computer CAD/CAM skills. These skills can then be taken forward into studying at GCSE.

In Year 10, pupils develop a range of design and material manipulation skills which provide a good foundation of understanding for completing their own individual design-and-make project in Year 11.

AS/A Level

We currently do not offer Resistant Materials at A Level.