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UCAS Predicted Grades

As part of the university application process the school has to supply predicted grades for each subject a student is studying. This prediction, along with the academic reference, the personal statement and existing grades obtained are the basis for university decisions.

For reasons connected to equality and fairness, Farringtons must follow a strict set of procedures on predicted grades. These cannot be based on a teacher’s “feelings”, or on student or parental pressure, or on what a student “wants” or “needs” to apply to a particular university.

A student will receive only one predicted grade per subject and not one from each teacher. The school has to be realistic about the predicted grades given. Predicted grades are based upon actual AS Level achievement and the professional opinion of the teacher.

Courses are more challenging at A2 than at AS. Rarely will a student be predicted an A2 grade higher than that achieved at AS unless there is clear evidence that a student has underperformed and intends to re-take one or more modules.

If a teacher has evidence that a student had a particular issue that caused the AS grade to be lower than expected he/she can raise the grade, but this must be based on firm evidence, and there must also be evidence that the student has worked for a considerable period at the higher grade being predicted.

Over-predicting grades helps no-one, least of all the student who ends up with offers that he/she has little prospect in meeting and disappointment on results day.  A reputation for over-prediction will also damage the good relationships we have with universities and impact negatively upon future applicants.

Our aim, here at Farringtons, is to support our students. The best way to do this is to be realistic in terms of potential achievement which will be based on past performance.


Appealing against predicted grades

Appeals need to be made to the Head of Sixth Form (and not the subject teacher) who will investigate. A final decision can only be based on the student’s past performance, any extenuating factors and AS achievement. No further appeal or discussion of the predicted grade will be considered after the appeal.