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Studying textiles provides pupils with the opportunity to think creatively and explore the design of textiles which are used in areas such as fashion and product design.

Pupils develop the conceptual and original thinking through the creation of various pieces and these can be found displayed in the Technology block and sometimes also in exhibitions.

Textiles begins at Year 5, Key Stage 2, where pupils begin to experiment with materials and develop their skills in various methods of manufacture. The pupils’ creativity and originality then continues to be challenged through the Year Groups, where in the past they have produced pieces such as boats in a bottle, cushion covers and hoodies.


Pupils have Textiles as an option in Year 9, where they undertake a longer project designing a larger piece for an end user. This encourages them to think about how their creations will be received and to experiment with colours and materials. Should they choose to study Textiles at GCSE then this process and awareness of critical thinking helps to prepare them for studying at this level.

AS/A Level

In the Sixth Form, students are encouraged to develop their own style as well as appreciate the work of current designers. Trips to exhibitions are organised, aimed at inspiring students and raising their awareness with regards to having to consider how their products might be displayed, for example in fashion shows and shop displays.